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30 Dec 2014 Picking up of cement demand will be stimulated by a series of policies next year
10 Nov 2014 NDRC Intensively Approved Infrastructure Projects
16 Oct 2014 Batches of inter-provincial high-speed railway construction plans emerged in China
02 Sep 2014 Reconstruction of shanty towns will reverse the weak demand of cement market in 1H 2014
02 Sep 2014 80% of national railway investments will be focused on central and western regions
31 Jul 2014 Investment on highway reached to RMB587.2 billion in 1H2014
02 Jul 2014 509 water conservancy projects will be launched in Guizhou
02 Jul 2014 14 railways with a total mileage of 3712 km will be launched recently
02 Jul 2014 Investment on infrastructure construction in Xinjiang this year may reach to more than one trillion
02 Jul 2014 RMB36.9 billion will be invested on rebuilding of 41 shanty towns in the next three years in Xi'an
03 Jun 2014 49 new and continued highway projects will be launched and 6 expressways will be opened to traffic this year in Xinjiang
21 May 2014 15 expressway construction projects will be accelerated this year in Guizhou Province
21 May 2014 Eight major transportation projects in Xinjiang obtained government approval
20 May 2014 The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revised the targets for elimination of overcapacity up
20 May 2014 Seven departments jointly promoting the municipal waste co-processing by using existing cement kiln
08 May 2014 6.2 million tons of outdated cement production capacity will be eliminated these two years in Xinjiang
05 May 2014 Investments on China railway construction will be increased to more than RMB800 billion
05 May 2014 NDRC: PC32.5 "low-grade" cement standard will be eliminated recently
22 Apr 2014 Xi'an Free Trade Zone Proposal will be reported to the State Council

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