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10 Oct 2021 Dr. Ma Weiping, CEO of West China Cement Limited ("WCC"), was invited to attend the China Cement Top 50 High-level Forum
31 Aug 2021 West China Cement Limited ("WCC")'s subsidiaries were awarded the title of "Green Factory"
30 Jul 2021 West China Cement Limited ("WCC") officially released the "2020 Social Responsibility Report"
15 Jul 2021 West China Cement Limited ("WCC") CEO Ma Weiping was invited to participate in the 6th National Building Materials Corporate Culture Annual Conference
07 Jul 2021 West China Cement Limited ("WCC") was awarded several honors of Outstanding Foreign-Invested Enterprise
28 Jun 2021 Tongchuan Company's 10000T/D clinker cement production line was officially put into operation and ignited
09 Jun 2021 Mr. Cheng Fubo, vice governor of Shaanxi Province, visited the Tongchuan 10,000 tons production line
07 Jun 2021 Mr. Lee Kong Wai Conway, the independent non-executive director of West China Cement, visiting Tongchuan 10,000 tons production line
28 May 2021 West China Cement Limited ("WCC") Tongchuan 10,000-ton line project officially commissioning
26 May 2021 Grand Opening Ceremony of Mozambique Dugongo Cement Successfully Held
30 Apr 2021 West Cement held the first best worker commendation conference and calligraphy and painting exhibition
27 Apr 2021 Dr. Ma Weiping Attends the 2021 Industry Leaders Meeting
10 Apr 2021 West China Cement Limited was awarded as outstanding enterprises in 2020
01 Apr 2021 West China Cement Limited officially released its 2020 annual result
10 Mar 2021 "YAOBAI" brand cement of Dugongo Cimentos, S.A. of Mozambique is successfully sold out of the factory
28 Jan 2021 Tongchuan 10,000t/d Clinker Cement Production Line Project
06 Jan 2021 The subsidiary group of West China Cement Limited ("WCC") subsidiary held the 30th anniversary commendation meeting grandly


29 Dec 2018 Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up & WCC Establishment 40th Anniversary Party
11 Nov 2018 WCC Participate Activities of Cooperation Week among Shaanxi, Hong Kong and Macau
11 Nov 2018 Forum on Technical Improvement of WCC Zhen'an Pruduction line was held in Xiu Shan Cement Company
06 Nov 2018 CEO Ma Weiping was Awarded Outstanding Foreign Experts of Xi'an Award
31 Oct 2018 Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Hu Heping Investigate in WCC
31 Oct 2018 WCC Sign the Investment Projects in Pucheng
26 Oct 2018 WCC Wins the Title of "Top 100 Enterprises of China Construction Materials"
24 Aug 2018 CEO Ma Weiping Attended Key Cement Enterprises Symposium of Shaanxi Province
10 Aug 2018 WCC held Special Cement Strategy Development & Planning Promotion Meeting
05 Aug 2018 2018 First Half‐Year Work Summary Meeting of WCC
16 Jul 2018 2018 Western China Industry & Education Dialogue Activity was held in WCC
30 Jun 2018 WCC Promoted into Cement listed Companies Comprehensive Ranking Top 10
12 Jun 2018 WCC was Invited to Participate in the Seventh Cement Industry Environmental Protection Forum
14 Apr 2018 3D Printing Building Materials Research Center was Established in WCC
12 Apr 2018 WCC attend the Signing Activities of China Silk Trade Fair
02 Apr 2018 CEO Ma Weiping Attend the Large Cement Enterprise Leaders Roundtable
30 Mar 2018 WCC Awarded Chinese Cement Clinker Production Capacity Top 20
16 Mar 2018 WCC was Awarded Outstanding Foreign Investment Enterprises with Fulfill Social Responsibility
16 Mar 2018 WCC was Invited to Attend 2018 Silk Road Industry International Exposition
25 Feb 2018 2018 Work Plan Conference of WCC Management Team
24 Feb 2018 WCC Mobilization Meeting of 2018


15 Dec 2017 WCC involved in AIDS orphans caring program
07 Dec 2017 WCC was invited to attend the 9th One Belt One Road Summit Forum on China's Nuclear Power Frontier
05 Nov 2017 WCC Build the First-class Model Project of non-Coal Mine Restoration and Management in Shaanxi Province
26 Oct 2017 WCC on the Top 100 Enterprise Charts of Building Material 2017
15 Sep 2017 WCC Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yonyou Network
09 Aug 2017 R & D Center of Special Cement of WCC was Established
21 Jul 2017 Technology Application Project of WCC Awarded Progress in Science and Technology of Si Chuan Province
17 Jul 2017 Half-Year Reviewing Meeting of WCC was held in Yili of Xin Jiang
05 Jul 2017 WCC Signed the Strategy Cooperation Agreement with Intelligence Research Institute of Building Materials
26 Jun 2017 Chairman QiaoLongde of China Building Material Federation Visited WCC
15 Jun 2017 Vice Director of State Administration of Work Safety Investigate Mine Safety in Fuping Company
10 May 2017 WCC Entered the First Batch of Pilot Demonstration Enterprise of Intelligent Manufacturing in Shaanxi
05 May 2017 WCC Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with XI'AN BANK
18 Apr 2017 WCC Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation Ltd.
06 Apr 2017 The Products of WCC were awarded Famous Brand in Shaanxi Province
25 Mar 2017 WCC was Ranked 11th among 100 Cement and Clinker Producers in China in 2016
20 Mar 2017 WCC Successfully Bided for the Procurement of China National Petroleum
05 Feb 2017 WCC Mobilization Meeting of 2017
15 Jan 2017 WCC Work Summary and Advanced Commendation Congress of 2016
04 Jan 2017 Guo Jingbin, Chairman of Conch Venture ("CV"), visited headquarter of WCC


28 Dec 2011 WCC Won Incentive Funds as Shaanxi Famous Brand
02 Dec 2011 West China Cement Ltd. was Awarded as "Advanced Private Companies Regarding Employment and Social Insurance"
29 Nov 2011 The Residual Heat Recovery System in Mianxian Plant was Put into Operation
11 Nov 2011 "Yaobai" Cement Has Been Named as A Designated Brand for The Southern Shaanxi Resettlement Project
03 Nov 2011 Official Representatives from Tianjin Government Visited Yutian Plant
02 Nov 2011 The Residual Heat Recovery System in Xixiang Plant Was Put into Operation
28 Oct 2011 Journalists of China Building Materials News Visited Xunyang Plant
22 Oct 2011 Training on Corporate Governance and Internal Control Auditing
17 Oct 2011 The Belt Conveyor of Xixiang Plant Was Put into Operation
14 Oct 2011 WCC Selected into "Top 500 China Building Materials Enterprises"
27 Sep 2011 Xi'an Metro Line 2 Was Open to Traffic
19 Sep 2011 WCC was Awarded as "Top Ten Credit Enterprises of Shaanxi"
13 Sep 2011 Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Province Mr. Zhang Chunxian Visited Yutian Plant
09 Sep 2011 WCC was Invited to Attend The First China-Eurasia Expo
01 Sep 2011 WCC won "President's Award 2010/2011" from The Community Chest
28 Aug 2011 Managements of XinJiangTianye Group Visited Yaobai Group
23 Aug 2011 The Gas On-line Monitoring Equipment of Xunyang Plant Passed the Inspection and Acceptance
02 Aug 2011 Chairman Zhang Visited Xinjiang Plants of WCC
19 Jul 2011 Xiushan Yaobai Won the Title of "Outstanding Enterprise for Energy Conservation during the 11th Five-year Period"
13 Jul 2011 Officials of Federation of Trade Unions Visited Yiangxian Plant
08 Jul 2011 Vice President of China Building Materials Federation Visited Yaobai Group
30 Jun 2011 Deputy Mayor of Shangluo City visited Danfeng Second Line Project
27 Jun 2011 Signing Ceremony Between SINOMA Spare Parts Co., Ltd. And Xi'an Yaobai
26 Jun 2011 2011 Distributor Seminar of West China Cement Limited
23 Jun 2011 Ankang Plant and Lantian Plant Were Awarded "The Outstanding Companies in Safety Culture Construction"
22 Jun 2011 Longqiao Plant Was Awarded "The Leading Emission Reduction Company in the Eleventh-Five Period"
18 Jun 2011 Informatization Training for WCC's Senior Management
08 Jun 2011 Donation to Local Schools
23 May 2011 President of China Cement Association Visits Lantian Plant
08 May 2011 Computer Donation to Aqiangxiang Middle School of Yutian County
28 Apr 2011 Commencement Ceremony of 4500t/d Cement Clinker Production Line in Hetian Plant
22 Apr 2011 2500t/d Cement Clinker Production Line of Xixiang Plant Ignited Successfully
19 Apr 2011 The Signing Ceremony of Hetian Project of West China Cement Limited Achieved a Complete Success
23 Mar 2011 Lantian Plant was awarded as Advanced Unit of Energy-saving in Industries
16 Feb 2011 Commencement Ceremony of WCC's R&D Center
26 Jan 2011 Ankang Plant was awarded as Director Unit of "Provincial Bulk Cement and Ready-mixed Mortar Promotion and Development Association of Shaanxi"


03 Dec 2010 Pucheng Yaobai was awarded "A Grade Taxpayer"
14 Nov 2010 West China Cement Limited was awarded as "The Pilot Unit for Promoting Building Materials to Rural Areas"
13 Nov 2010 Pucheng Plant was awarded "Green Enterprise of Shaanxi Province"
09 Nov 2010 Popularization of Yangxian Plant's Labour Union Working Experience
29 Oct 2010 Lantian Yaobai was awarded "A Grade Taxpayer"
26 Oct 2010 The Representatives from the Standing Committee of Mianxian visited Mianxian Plant
07 Sep 2010 The Representatives of "China Cement's Ten Thousand Miles Tour" Visit WCC
07 Sep 2010 Financial Help to Undergraduates (II)
20 Aug 2010 Financial Help to Undergraduates
13 Aug 2010 Officials from Shaanxi Industry and Information Department and Quality Inspection Department visits Lantian Plant
13 Aug 2010 Vice-President of Shaanxi Building Material Industry Association visits Ankang Plant
05 Aug 2010 The Secretary of Ankang City Visits Ankang Plant
02 Aug 2010 West China Cement Wins Seven China Building Materials Industry Awards on Quality Control
07 Jul 2010 The Research Group of Guanzhong - Tianshui Economic Region Visits Longqiao Yaobai
01 Jul 2010 The Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee Visits Lantian Plant
29 Jun 2010 2500t/d Cement Clinker Production Line of Mianxian Plant Ignited Successfully
13 Jun 2010 WCC is elected President Unit of the First Council of Shaanxi Cement Association
11 Jun 2010 Yangxian Manager Mr. Wang Fayin named the Ninth National "Star of Start-ups"
02 Jun 2010 The Second Group of the Ninth State Council Inspection Team Visits Lantian Plant
07 May 2010 WCC wins the China Cement Net's Top 50 Clinker Capacity for 2009 in China Cement Corporations Award
29 Apr 2010 The stage II training for administrative staff of West China Cement
14 Apr 2010 WCC Delegation Attended the 14th Session of the Investment and Trade Forum
15 Mar 2010 WCC Xi'an Branch Holds 2010 Distributers Meeting
11 Mar 2010 Zhen'an Plant Celebrates International Women's Day
10 Mar 2010 Xunyang Plant Passes the Environment Protection and Safety Inspection
10 Mar 2010 Deputy Director of the Provincial Industry and Information Department Zhou Jian Visits Xunyang Plant


07 Nov 2009 West China Cement conference on quality, safety and corporate culture was held
07 Nov 2009 Ankang city Mayor visited Ankang plant
29 Oct 2009 Shaanxi National Tax Bureau tax assessment panel visited Lantian plant
22 Oct 2009 Xi'an Environmental Protection Bureau officials visited Lantian plant
22 Oct 2009 China Cement Association officials visited Lantian Plant
14 Oct 2009 Secretary of the Municipal Committee of Hanzhong visited Yangxian Project
13 Oct 2009 Xi'an to Shangzhou(via Lantian) Expressway Distributor Forum was held at Lantian plant
12 Oct 2009 Pucheng County officials visited Pucheng plant before National Day
12 Oct 2009 Hanzhong City Mayor visited Mianxian Project
09 Oct 2009 Shaanxi's Market Leader
07 Sep 2009 Xi'an Land and Resources Bureau Officials Inspected Lantian Plant
07 Sep 2009 Helped Three Needy Youngsters to Achieve Their College Dreams
07 Aug 2009 Shaanxi Provincial Inspection Group visited Yangxian Plant
07 Aug 2009 Recognised as a Safety Standardization Grade III Company
21 Jul 2009 WCC Held 2009 Half Year Performance Review Meeting
14 Jul 2009 Won Health and Safety Production Award for Excellence
14 Jul 2009 Sales Company Held Cement Transportation Bidding
27 Jun 2009 Won - A Level Credit Enterprise for Paying Taxes- Award
09 Apr 2009 Clinker Capacity of Shaanxi Yaobai Special Cement Ranked 28th Nationally in 2008
24 Mar 2009 Excellent Management Innovation Enterprise
06 Mar 2009 Manufacturing Technology Meeting
24 Feb 2009 Construction of the Shiyan to Tianshui Expressway Facilitates WCC's Rapid Growth
13 Feb 2009 Inspection of Ankang cement plant by the Information Industry of Shaanxi Province
06 Feb 2009 2008 Annual Review and Employee Award Ceremony

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