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Development & Opportunities

Our commitment to employee development is multifaceted. From our professional leadership and international management programs to our scholarships and online training courses, we work to foster our employees' growth at each stage of their career. We also encourage our employees to take varied assignments and today, most of our managers at all levels, are working outside of their hometown. These assignments not only further the individual participant's growth, but also facilitate the exchange of best practices and the development of our shared corporate culture.

Continuous Personal Development in key aspects of our business, such as powder technology, sales and marketing and production management is the step towards building a strong management team with qualified personnel. We plan to continue to sponsor our employees through training classes and will establish an evaluation and performance incentive system to encourage their growth and development. We believe that a strong team with qualified personnel will help ensure our long-term and sustained growth.

Performance and potential assessment (P&PA) is the process that we use to measure employee performance and development within our organisation. It is based on the identification of goals and objectives that are expected to be achieved in a year; the development of key WCC competencies; and the analysis of employees' potential. The system directly links our employees' day-to-day activities, characteristics, qualities, and maturity with our company's business strategy and, thus, reinforces our organisation's growth, values, development, and mission.

Scholarships are provided to employees who demonstrate outstanding performance and high potential. We offer the financial support necessary for employees to cover their tuition and basic needs, which will offer them the chance to excel in business administration and other technical subjects.

WCC International Management Program is designed to provide participants with a strong foundation in the business concepts, frameworks, and tools essential to succeed in today's competitive world; develop participants' teamwork and execution capabilities; and broaden participants' networks in WCC. Participants attend courses at renowned universities, complete a series of online courses, and develop a project that challenges them to produce tangible benefits for WCC.

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